How important are ‘Listed Buildings’? Do they preserve history, or impede progress?


I like to believe that wherever possible history should be preserved, and everyone should play their part. That is why we bought a “listed house” in Germany.!/pages/Andreasberg-Dorfstr-21-59909-Germany/1416997841906469

However after a series of intrigues of which the common denominator was our house, we did some research and found that at least 250 people in our area did not want the house preserved for the future. In fact they had signed a petition to have the house demolished as to them it was a “Schandfleck”, and gave “shame” to their community, this despite the fact that their own parents, grandparents and forefathers probalbly had lived in similiar houses.

The house just didn’t fit in to the town that had progressed in the interim.

Now had we known that so many people and the Municipality was against the house we would not have bought, but it was a secret buried deep, though as we found out not forgotten.

The price may have been a clue, though many listed buildings are underpriced because few in this day and age want the custodianship, committment and costs that go with these pieces of history.